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ALLVEK Towel Car Seat Cover - AF190001

  • Mommy and Baby Reviews

2:28 AM - July 05, 2019

ALLVEK Waterproof Car Seat Cover is perfect for keeping the hubby’s truck seats clean of dirt, asphalt and other stains after he has been laying asphalt all day. The cover has a grippy backing that keeps the cover from falling or sliding around the seat. The top of the cover is like a pillow case and slides over thetop of his seat and fits snuggly. There is a bungee cord strap to secure the cover at the top and another clip about half way down to keep the cover secure. The cover is very soft and comfortable

  • Nurse Shannan 

8:15 PM - July 03, 2019

This#ALLVEKwaterproof#carseat cover was super easy to install & I love how it stays in place & doesn't fall off when you get in & out of the car. It's 100% waterproof plus super soft and#comfortable➡

  • Sampletest

8:39 PM - July 02, 2019

ALLVEK is a wotter proof car set cover it only comes in one color black . It can go in all vehicle. It's 26 on Amazon if you want to get 

  • CVS Deals Ideas and More

1:07 PM - July 02, 2019

This seat cover is one piece design, you can put on and take off within seconds. For people that do sports, this is helpful. Since you are always sweating during sports, this is important so the smell doesn't stay in the car.

  • Jackie Graves

10:19 PM - June 30, 2019

Nice seat cover. Keeps me from sticking to the leather seats

  • Stephanie Little

6:16 PM - June 21, 2019

Easy to put on and really soft! It seems to fit any vehicle with a head rest.

  • Anita Redmond

3:05 AM - June 21, 2019

This is really beautiful, Waterproof and non Slip three layers, Soft Towel (Multiple use seat cover) mat pet seat cover, it can be used for anything else. I Love the softness and it is heavy yet so incredibly Soft. Good price also.